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The PRO Mobile Vehicle Inspection Service will gIve you the peace of mind knowing that you will not be an unsuspecting buyer of a lemon car!
About Our Service
- We will travel to the car to be inspected whether it be at a private sellers or used car dealers address
- All PRO Mobile Mechanics vans have been fully equipped with all the necessary inspection tools and diagnostic equipment
- Our highly experienced professional inspectors will carry out a comprehensive structural, mechanical, electrical and body panel assessment on the used car
- The results of the inspection are provided in a written report that is easy to understand
- The inspection also involves a test drive to test for any existing or potential problems that may become more obvious only while the car is being driven. This is subject to the vehicle being in a suitable condition and registered
- You can use the results of the vehicle inspection to bargain on the selling price or have the seller repair the faults prior to making the purchase

Your Vehicle Inspection Covers

Each PRO vehicle inspection service is conducted by our highly qualified mobile mechanics and involves a detailed and thorough check of all the following areas:

General Vehicle Inspection

Vehicle Body
- Thoroughly check body work for any rust
- Inspect vehicle for any accident damage or past repairs
- Inspect windscreen and glass for and scratches or cracks
- Check all seat belts are correctly functioning
- Conduct a detailed assessment on each of the vehicles tyres
- Inspect each tyre for any abnormal wear which may indicate problems with suspension or steering components
- Assess the tyre thread depth and condition
- Check the condition of the vehicles spare tyre
Brakes and Clutch
- Inspect the front and rear brakes
- Test brakes
- Check master cylinder
- Assess the brake fluid level
- Check the brake lines and brake system for any leaks
- Check the vehicle’s hand brake
Suspension and Steering
- Inspect the vehicles ball joints
- Check for steering free play
- Check the vehicles shock absorbers
- Assess the condition of the driveshaft boots
- Check the driveshaft and C.V.s
- Inspect the front and rear wheel bearings
Test Drive
- Test drive the vehicle to diagnose further potential issues
- Required to verify proper operation of the drive train, suspension, steering, brakes and engine. 

Engine and Drive Inspection

Ignition system
- Check high tension leads
- Inspect and assess condition of the cars distributor
- Assess the condition of the car’s ignition coil
- Check ignition timing
- Inspect the ignition system electronics
- Assess the general condition of the ignition system
- Assess the condition and functioning of the vehicle’s exhaust pipes
- Inspect the vehicle’s muffler for damage or problems
- Inspect the exhaust systems mountings
- Assess the condition of the exhaust manifold assembly
Fuel Systems
- Check engine idle settings
- Check the fuel mixture is correct
- Inspect and assess the engine’s cold start system
- Inspect and assess the condition of the vehicles fuel filter
- Check the vehicles air filter
- Assess the condition of the vehicles carburetor
- Check E.F.I (fuel injectors) 
Cooling systems
- Check all cooling system fluid levels
- Inspect and assess the condition of the vehicles radiator cap and seal
- Inspect all cooling hoses thoroughly
- Assess coolant condition
- Thoroughly inspect the vehicles radiator
Oils and Lubricants
- Check the car’s engine oil condition and level
- Check the oil filter
- Check the automatic transmission fluid*
- Check power steering fluid
- Assess condition of gearbox lubricants
- Check the vehicle’s differential fluid
Drive Belts
- Check the engine fan
- Check the power steering system
- Check air conditioning system
- Inspect the air pump

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